Monday, January 9, 2017

Home defense; when is enough enough?

Is that necessary?  Why do you need?  Why don't you just call the police?  Scary black rifles?  I need my safe space.

These and plenty more are what I hear when I talk to some people about home defense.  I have said, and I will stand behind my statement, that the average person could make do with an affordably priced handgun, one spare magazine, and 200 rounds of ammunition.  If you google the statistics for home invasions and violent crime (in your particular area) I'm sure you would find on the average even this is more than necessary.  Indeed, the vast majority of us will never see violence in our lifetime short of what we expose ourselves to through the media and full contact sporting events.  But, what about those of us that do?

Below I will post links to two stories of home invasions by multiple aggressors that resulted in the deaths of all (or all but one) of the families that resided at the target locations.  In THOSE situations, the formerly overkill handgun with one spare magazine is woefully inadequate to deal with multiple, determined, armed assailants.  Now, I will be the first to admit these are rare situations, but this entire show is about preparing for rare situations.  The term to acquaint yourself with is "low likelihood, high consequence."  In other words, it probably will never happen, but if it does the outcome will be life threatening.  An attack by multiple intruders is, by definition, high consequence.  If they are attacking with multiple vehicles in the driveway, lights on, daylight or around dinner time they are doing so EXPECTING to find homeowners.  If they attack during work hours, when the home is largely abandoned, this is a much less worrisome situation because MY FAMILY is not in the line of fire.

So, having admitted this is an unlikely but very serious situation, I admit my home defense plan and preps appear over the top to the average person.  Body armor, a black rifle, and a trauma kit all seem like the hallmarks of paranoia, not a response to the reasonable concerns of a father and husband.  But, were my last name Petit or Freeman, I doubt anyone would be calling me paranoid.  Follow the links, and ask yourself if what you have prepared would be sufficient for those scenarios.  There will be videos on YouTube and an audio podcast in the coming week fleshing out this topic more.,_Connecticut,_home_invasion_murders

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