Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day thoughts, protests vs riots

Today, as I sit here and watch the news, I thought it important to reemphasize what I said in Episode 13 - Civil Unrest. I'm sitting here watch the presidential inauguration, watching a peaceful transition of power between political parties, something that is noteworthy because many other countries do not manage such a feat without bloodshed. Indeed, for our foibles and missteps, this country has celebrated over 200 years of peacefully held elections and cooperative transfer of power. 

I also see the riots, RIOTS, in Washington DC protesting our new president. These selfish, spoiled, immature people are breaking windows and RIOTTING because their chosen candidate was not elected. They cite their RIGHT to protest as justification, but like I said before; flipping cars, breaking windows, and burning down a neighborhood are not protests. 

Everyone please be safe and support our LEO community while they wrangle control of these bad apples, and let us insist on a peaceful and orderly inauguration. Let us also respect the rights of others to disagree with us so long as they do so peacefully and respectfully. 

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