Tuesday, March 14, 2017

H.R. 367 The Hearing Protection Act aka Common sense and respecting citizen's rights FINALLY!!!

Full text of H.R. 367 The Hearing Protection Act

Lately, you may have seen me post or share a few items here and there regarding HR 367 and the various collection of crayon eating politicians that are shouting bloody murder about it.  OK, to be fair, you might have seen quite a few posts about the subject mostly because I am a huge proponent of the act and I have famously little patience for politicians that don't support individual liberty and freedoms.  On the off hand chance some of you out there might have bought into all of the hooplah, let's talk about suppressors for just a minute.

Yes, suppressors, not silencers.  Suppressors do not make a gun shot completely silent, contrary to what alarmist politicians and Hollywood would try to convince you of.  A suppressor, with the appropriately loaded subsonic ammunition, aims to make the discharge of a firearm hearing safe.  Hearing safe in this context means below 130 db, which for those of you paying attention is still loud enough that it will not escape the attention of anyone not clinically and legally deaf.  Also worth pointing out, if you use a suppressor without that subsonic ammunition (ammunition intentionally loaded to keep the bullet's muzzle velocity below the speed of sound) you're still going to hear a wicked cracking noise from the sonic boom of the round exiting the barrel.  In other words, suppressors are so named because they ....SUPPRESS..... the sound of the firearm, not eliminate it.

Furthermore, for a politician to insist that making firearms more quiet is a danger to law enforcement overlooks a few points.  First of all, we heard these same concerns when concealed carry saw widespread acceptance around the country, and yet the purported bloodbath in our streets never came to pass.  Perhaps this is because law abiding citizens, being the type able to pass the mandated background check, are unlikely to commit a crime.

Secondly, suppressors are already legal, and have been for decades.  Send your application and $200 to the ATF, have a clean police record and fill out the paperwork correctly, and within a matter of months you can expect you will most likely be granted your government permission slip to own what amounts to a muffler for your firearm.  Again, no bloodbath in the streets, no police being shot at by scary silent firearms they can't track.  More alarmist shouting without merit.

And lastly, the same argument I have pulled out time after time after time; criminals are criminals because they DON'T abide by the law.  If a criminal wants to create a silencer (honestly not that difficult, I could build one in my garage in an afternoon if I weren't a law abiding citizen) without filing the paperwork because MOST LIKELY he is already a felon, nothing but a general respect for the law is stopping him.  Assuming he's a felon, I'm going to have to assume he doesn't have much respect for the law.  And yet, police are not being assaulted by firearms equipped with these illegally manufactured silencers today, nor have they been in the decades since law required them to be registered with the government.

The only thing that HAS happened for decades is massive hearing loss even while wearing hearing protection amongst the gun community.  Hunters are often weary of wearing ear plugs as they are unable to hear their game approaching.  Even wearing ear protection at a gun range (particularly an indoor range) you are likely to suffer some hearing loss over time.  Several European nations REQUIRE suppressors for citizens firearms specifically due to concerns of hearing loss, yet our politicians continue to chirp and screech about an imaginary crime wave enabled by this bill.

Everyone, please support this bill, call your congressmen, and share this article around so that the people unfamiliar with WHAT a suppressor is and it's function can be educated on the subject and in the mean time please remember to wear eye and ear protection while around firearms.  We only have two of each, and life's a whole lot less fun missing one. - Phil Rabalais

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