Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Intro to Handloading

Today I put together a short introduction to handloading. Anyone familiar with the topic would notice I intentionally skipped a lot of the set up and just showed enough of the process to give everyone an idea of what was involved. If anyone is interested in a more detailed video, please don't hesitate to reach out to me through the video's comments section, or through our Facebook page.

Factory 357 magnum (per my usual spot for factory ammo) is running 25 to 45 cents a round, and none of that is premium ammunition (the 25 cents per round is steel case Tula for comparison's sake.)

Phil's garage ammo:
1.5 cents each for used brass (reusable),
4.5 cents worth of powder, 11.2 grains Accurate No. 7
4 cents per primer, CCI Small Magnum Pistol Primers
9.6 cents per bullet, Xtreme Bullets copper plated 125 grain flat point
 = under $0.20 per loaded round.

So for those paying attention, I'm loading my own ammo for less than the cheapest ammunition I could find for sale today, and at less than half the cost of more premium practice ammo from Remington, and 1/4 the cost of premium defensive ammunition.  What that adds up to is the ability to shoot and practice more for the same dollar.  As you can see below, the cost to get into a basic reloading setup is not out of the reach of the average person, and a little judicious reading of directions goes a long way towards having a good experience loading your own ammo.

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