Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Oklahoma Self Defense shooting, or what we call at Matter of Facts "Good Shoot."

Self Defense in Oklahoma

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It was suppose to be an easy breaking and entering. Sure, the group of four hit houses in the neighborhood before without problem, and they even were at the property early that morning breaking into an adjacent building.  What they didn't realize was this time the homeowners son was home and prepared to defend himself.  According to news sources three teens were shot after exchanging words and attempting to burglarize the home, the fourth suspect was driving the getaway vehicle and left the scene after shots were fired, only to turn herself in later.

The police are calling this self defense, but the grandfather of one of the dead is saying different. The grandfather says, “brass knuckles against an AR-15, come on, who was afraid for their life.” He later stated, “there has to be a limit to the law, I mean he shot all three of them; there was no need for that.” What he fails to realize is another of the three had a knife and they kicked in the back door.  They were wearing all black and had masks over their faces.  Meaning, they posed a threat just by entering the home.  Under the Castle Doctrine the defender has every right to use deadly force to protect oneself and their property from an intruder. Some are calling this a case for Stand Your Ground, but that law is only a branch of the Castle Doctrine.  Under Stand Your Ground, the defender is not obligated to run away from a confrontation.  They are legally allowed to stand and fight to defend themselves or others against a perceived threat. The Castle Doctrine protects you in your home or your car. Whereas, Stand Your Ground protects you where ever else you are.

What this grandfather fails to understand is in a self defense situation you don't just slow the threat down, you eliminate it.  Tulsa channel 8 news says, “The grandfather supports the right to bear arms and protect your home. But he doesn't agree with shooting and killing intruders.”  That's pretty much saying, 'I'm ok with gun regulations as long as it doesn't effect me.'  I wonder if this guy would change his mind if it was his house people were breaking into? The fact is these teens are not victims, they are criminals who broke into the wrong house and drew the short straw.

Until the statements from both the son and witness are released we will never know what was said.  If they were turning around and running out of the house then this case could easily go against the homeowner and the son.  However, according to police each suspect was shot in the chest meaning they were facing the son. As of now everything points to justified self defense, and until I hear different evidence that is what I will believe. Again, these are criminals, not victims. The only way criminals will be afraid to enter a property is if there is a possibility of somebody in the home with a firearm. According to FBI statistics burglaries have been going down, now is that because people are getting smarter and not doing it or could it be because of the rise in firearm ownership?  I'll let you be the judge of that. 

Just remember to seek out training and practice with your home defense firearm.  Always be prepared for the worse case scenario. It may never happen to you but when it does you'll be happy you were trained and knew what to do.  - Andrew Bobo

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