Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Illinois, Rock River Arms, Springfield, and WHERE is the 2nd Amendment?

SB 1657 full text    

By now, I'm sure everyone is well aware of the legal tomfoolery going on in Illinois.  Through the legislature, and under the false pretense of "safety", these reasonable people expect every firearm related business in their jurisdiction to submit themselves to an entire new layer of legal bureaucracy and draconian regulation ON TOP of all the federally mandated licensing and requirements to deal in and handle firearms.  I'm not going to delve into the complete ramifications of the law, as I truthfully would have to spend a bit more time to dig through the legalese and make sure I'm not misrepresenting the truth.  What I do want to talk about is WHERE THE HELL is the 2nd Amendment in all of this?

What I'm wondering is, how long is it going to be before the federal government steps in and acts.  You see, when the Supreme Court heard and ruled on Obergefell v. Hodges, the landmark gay marriage case, a precedent was inadvertently set.  In that motion, the federal government made patently obvious that they have the authority to overrule states and local municipalities in instances when they obviously and egregiously trample the rights of their citizens.  That authority is finite, as it was intended, but I certainly believe we have reached that point in the endless assault against the 2nd Amendment that the time has come to exercise it.  And had I my way, it would be swift, brutal, simple, and a direct challenge to all those that would strip the right to bear arms from citizens.

The 2nd Amendment's text is simply written, simple to understand, and not subject to constant "reinterpretation" based on the whims of politicians.  It has been infringed upon in every conceivable way short of a full on gun ban, something all but the most ardent and fanatical anti-gunners admit is impossible in the United States (and if you are one of those that would argue for it's practicality, I'd like to sell you some beachfront property in Arizona.) But the question is, how can citizens rights be honored and respected in one municipality, and arbitrarily disregarded in another?  The right to wed and associate legally and amorously is AT LEAST as personal and worth fighting for as the right to bear arms that is directly referenced in our founding documents?

The Supreme Court has historically been very coy about handling 2nd Amendment cases, and when it does so it has proven to be fairly unwilling to rule in such a broad and sweeping way as to stifle further attempts to infringe upon the right to bear arms.  The federal government in all departments, the House and Senate, and the President himself should all be engaged in this fight.  This isn't a fight to usurp state rights, this is a fight to protect the rights of citizens, and to prevent rogue politicians from perverting those rights further.  This is a fight to force cities and states to stop overstepping their authority and honor the highest law in the land, the US Constitution and it's Amendments.

And for those of  you liberal leaning fellows out there that haven't rage quit and closed your browser, answer me one question.  Did you cheer loudly and exclaim proudly when gay marriage was made law of the land from coast to coast?  Did you not sneer at conservatives that complained about state rights and federal overreach?  Did you laugh at those state officials and employees that refused to comply with the law?  Well, now the shoe is on the other foot and I'd like you to remain consistent in your position on federal and state authority. 

The precedent has been set, cities and states have no right to overrule constitutionally protected rights of it's citizens, regardless of good intentions or legal gymnastics.  The Supreme Court, and I could easily argue all branches of the federal government have not only the authority but practically a mandate to defend with all legal avenues the rights of US citizens from the overbearing rogue legislation of it's local and state officials.  And the time has long since come for us to see more than platitudes and verbiage from our elected officials.  The time has come to nail anti-gun politicians to the proverbial wall, sweep away their legislation, and restore the right to bear arms to citizens regardless of their home address. 

And if some feelings are hurt along the way, egos bruised, and outrage raised.....get over it. - Phil Rabalais

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