Friday, December 22, 2017

The Twelve Days of Christmas...for Preppers

No, we aren't singing.  You're welcome.

On the first day of Christmas Santa brought to me....

 1.  Guns...all the guns.
 2.  Medical Gear
 3.  Mountain House and MRE's
 4.  Nalgene bottles and canteens, water filtration
 5.  A camp stove/rocket stove
 6.  A bug out bag or ruck sack
 7.  A tent and sleeping bag
 8.  Training classes - firearms, medical, and survival skills
 9.  Tactical Wall/Gun safe
10.  High Capacity Magazines
11.  A crate of ammo
12.  The Matter of Facts Podcast!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone, we'll see you around after a short break to enjoy the holidays.  Don't forget to come look for us on Facebook, check out some videos on our YouTube channel, and check out the other articles we've posted on this blog.


  1. Weapons kill and they should be all banned. I can’t wait for Hillary and the UN to come in 2020 and take out all the weapons. #matterofhillarysfacts #nastywoman #hillary2020 #Antifa

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