Friday, June 22, 2018

Episode 69 - Bugout vehicles and Who's in your Group?

Bugout Vehicle
Diesel vs. gas - You have to weight the availability of fuel against the flexibility diesel affords.
V6 vs. V8 - Power is useful, but you have to weigh fuel economy.
4WD vs. RWD - Neither of us really favored a FWD hatchback like mine for a bugout vehicle, but I wouldn't place an extreme premium on 4 wheel drive as a rear wheel drive vehicle with sufficient ground clearance should suffice for most situations.

Militia Skillsets
The Shooter - First of all, everyone has to be a shooter.  That said, optimally, one of your party should have well above average firearm experience, preferably military/police/private security training and some knowledge of security or small unit tactics.

The Doc - You need someone with medical training, the more the better.  Extra points for EMT's and people that work in the field vs. a nurse or doctor.

The Mechanic - You need a guy with mechanical skills.  Be it a mechanic, a carpenter, contractor, or a shade tree do-it-yourselfer, someone needs to have some tools and knowledge of how to fix and build stuff.

Dentist - Andrew and I debated this to death.  I say give me the pliers and I'll deal with it.

Cook/Farmer - Once you have assembled this fantasy league of preppers/militia types, it would be really handy to have someone that knows how to cook a meal without inducing food poisoning.  Plan accordingly

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  1. Hi,
    I am a prepper from the uk and thought I would let you know about how/why Tommy Robinson got jails without trial. We have a thing called suspended sentence which is basically "you have been naughty but if you keep your nose clean we wont put you in jail." and they can basically at a moments notice say right you have been making trouble now you server your full sentence which is what happened with Tommy. However freedom of speech is being attacked from all sides in the UK.
    If you would like to know anything else about the crazy world of us "limmies" give me a mail at