Friday, September 7, 2018

Episode 81 - Hurricanes inbound and 3d Printed Guns Oh My


  1. Great show! I try to listen, or watch, everything that Cody Wilson is on. He seems to be willing to go on as many shows that he can, just to get his story out there. I don’t know him, personally, but follow him on Twitter. I admire his intelligence and philosophy. Personally, I have seen people in the gun community write off his cause, and to me I feel like they are just as bad as fudds! They don’t fully understand what is really going on with Defense Distributed. They only think of the original Liberator and think since it blew up after one or two shots, why bother backing the cause?!?! Just like the MSM, they don’t bother educating themselves! I still have to read Cody’s book, though. I’m terrible at reading books! LOL! New subscriber, BTW! ��

    1. His book is worth the read. I think I get what he’s after, and I don’t think his brilliance will be appreciated for some time. Too many people think he’s out to tip some windmills. They don’t realize he’s changing the rules of the game for the first time in our generation.

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