Episode 42 show notes

Listener question from Glenn: I am an avid listener and love the podcast. I was recently listening to the podcast talking about prepping for situations involving medical emergencies. I was curious if you could discuss what sort of supplies would make the most sense to have ready for a medical emergency relative to living in Alaska. The environment here is much less friendly than many places in the lower 48 and we just moved here, so I would like to be prepared. Thank you for the great podcast and I look forward to the next!

Cold related injuries:
Preventative - Layered clothing, mylar/wool blankets, thermal underwear and socks, hand warmers
Remedy -warm soup/broth, apply blankets, elevate core temperature slowly.

Quikclot and Celox, affected by extreme cold? Not as far as we can tell, product may become more brittle with low temps, but the clotting mechanism is not temperature dependent based on what we can find.

Prevent water from freezing, cut with a little vodka.  Check your state's open container laws!!!

Pack all supplies into a get-home bag, take inside each evening.

MRE's with the heater.

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