Episode 50 with Dale and Ryan from Preparedness Experience

Jesse James' Trump Gun

From Maxim magazine
Guns.com Youtube talk with Jesse James

INRange: IO Inc's AK shears a bolt lug.  DON'T BUY CHEAP AK'S!!!

The Preparedness Experience

Collaborative effort between Dale Goodwin, Brian Duff (of Mind4Survival Podcast), Ryan Mitchell, and Kevin Reiter (from the Wilderness Safety Institute) to educate people in all facets of prepping, both newcomer and veteran prepper alike.  Decades of varied experience and knowledge are represented by these men.

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Ryan Mitchell at Tiny Life

 From organization, to finances, to construction, everything we talked about with Ryan surprised me.  The shear number of small and large challenges encountered in scaling down a typical 1500 square foot home to less than 200 square feet is mind boggling, from building materials and HVAC systems not being appropriately sized to basic storage of food and household goods, everything requires thought.  Ryan's website gives us an opportunity to peak through his window and see into his world.

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