Episode 51: Cowpunching and Lost Causes

Are states riddled with anti-gun politicians and sentiment a lost cause?  Or are these the places pro gun advocates, and organizations, should pour their effort into because THEY need our help worse than anyone?  Do we fight where the fight is, or sure up our defenses and leave them to their own devices?  How do the people take back their rights from corrupt politicians and advocate judges while the state uses THEIR OWN TAX DOLLARS against them.

9th Circuit rules no right to sell guns
9th Circuit rules no right to concealed carry
4th Circuit rules 2nd Amendment does not protect Assault Weapons
MoF 4th Circuit is dead wrong

Special Guest: Derek Mason from Cowpuncher Mafia
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Special Promotion: Derek reached out to us and offered his support for our show.  Any sales he makes in which the buyer mentions they heard about his brand from our show Matter of Facts Podcast he will donate $1 per sale to our show.  Help support our show, and a fellow listener.

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