Episode 57 - Bartering and Raiding

Raiding - Moral objections, community/social ramifications, post collapse reprisals (ie law enforcement, restoration of law and order, receipt and possession of stolen goods.)

Bartering -
Canned food/short term food stock
Bottled water
Ammunition - 22LR, 9mm parabellum, 5.56 NATO, possibly 12 gauge will all be extraordinarily valuable and tradeable.  Also possibly Glock and AR magazines.

NEVER, NEVER prescriptions pain killers.  Having a junky showing up on your door step repeatedly is just inviting bad company to your front door.

Always consider the risk invited by bartering that your preps and assets may attract raiders from the surrounding areas.  Trade away from your home, practice good OPSEC, always have a plan to exfil at a moment's notice.

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