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Norton's Ammo Bench
Jan 23, 2021
I recently went through all the powders I had that were suitable for 223 rem/ 556 NATO and loaded up 10 round velocity tests for each one. I figured the information might be useful to other Reloaders with all of the shortages we are currently experiencing. 18” White Oak Barrel Virgin Starline 556x45 Stamped Brass CCI 400 Primers 55 gr Hornady Softpoint Boattail 2.220” COAL The red numbers are not pressure indications, just my note for max charges or unlisted / questionable data. None of the below listed loads showed any pressure signs in my rifle on the 45 degree temperature day I shot them. With the Shooters World Blackout Powder I used the data from the Lovex reloading manual for D063. The listed charges showed much higher velocity than I actually got. But they were using a 23.5” barrel with 1:12“ twist. We’re I had a 18” with 1:8”.
223 Velocity Sampling. content media

Norton's Ammo Bench

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